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Welcome to Amerstate University

Amerstate University is an Educational Institution that helps International students find their way to the United States and through a Midwest based educational institution. International students are conditionally admitted to a United States Educational Institution.

While the conditional admitted students are enrolled into English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs, and our Intensive English Program (IEP), Amerstate University offers supplemental services and programming to help students adjust to life in the US and prepare for academic success.

These programs benefit International students who have exemplary overall academic performance and relatively low English proficiency.

Message from AUUSA

We would like to introduce you to Amerstate University, the first Graduate school of Martial Arts Master of Science and Associate’s degree in Martial Arts of its kind in the United States.

The curriculum at AUUSA has a strong foundation in the traditional roots of martial arts. Our academic instructors are professionals in the field who are dedicated to instructing students who are passionate both about a career and personal development in martial arts.

Our administrative staff is committed to providing individual attention to each of our students and assisting in any way possible; whether it be with financial aid questions, schedule planning, or the best place to eat in town.

Mission Statement

Amerstate University is dedicated to educating people to succeed in their professional and educational endeavors.

AU provides an advanced curriculum, a superior faculty and staff, and a disciplined structure in a secure environment. Students learn to live together harmoniously in a supportive community that aids in developing moral character, citizenship and a passion for excellence.

In 1985, Grandmaster Jason (Sang) Ho Cho started the World Martial Arts Federation (WMAF) in Texas. Its main focus was Traditional Martial arts training. The WMAF supplemented it’s traditional training with tournament development and promotion and certifying black belt instructors, master instructors, and referees. As the popularity of martial arts increased in the United States, the need for an institution where mastery of physical skill paired with a formal education founded in the roots of martial arts theory and tradition, became apparent to the WMAF. Thus Amerstate University was created.

Amerstate University is a Wisconsin non-stock, not-for-profit corporation and 501©3 tax Exempt..
Amerstate University Timeline


Amerstate University, established in 2006, it was Register the Department of Financial Institution of State of Wisconsin.
Amerstate University is a non-profit organization with 501(c) 3 tax exemption status.
DLN number is: 17053129028018
State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue CES: 055419
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance ST-119
State Of New Jersey Division of Taxation Sales and Use Tax Form ST-5 263-895-032/000
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Revenue Form ST-2 263-895-032

Why us ?
  • Long history of Education in Milwaukee both Public and Private.
  • A constantly growing economy with Global connections and influence
  • Education is in the context of industry, pursuit of excellence, growth, productivity, citizenship and expansion.
  • Truly a model city in terms of what makes a great city.
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